Seahawks at Rams: Preview

The Seahawks (6-2) will take on the Rams (5-3) this Sunday (11/15) at 1:25 PM PT.

The Seahawks will try to stay on top of the NFC West with a win on Sunday. The Rams with a win will be tied for first place. There’s a lot at stake and any division win is critical, since they’re arguably in the toughest division in football.

Let’s dive in and look at what each team will need to do to win this game:

Seahawks will win this game if:

  • The defense holds Jared Goff and the Rams offense to 24 points or less. The Seahawks have scored an average of 34 points a game. The lowest scoring game they have had was against the Vikings, they scored a season low 27 points. The Seahawks defense has given up an average of 30 points a game. This shows the how different the Seahawks offense and defense has played this season. Simply stated, the Seahawks defense needs to show up on Sunday if they want to beat the Rams.
  • The Seahawks offensive line will need to give Russell Wilson enough time to hit his star receivers, Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. The offensive line has played well this season, but against the Bills they struggled against the blitz. If the pressure is able to get after Russell Wilson, then he will not have enough time to throw his deep balls to his receivers. It will make it hard for the Seahawks to score the amount points they need, if Wilson is unable to play at his best. It’s not going to easy, especially with Aaron Donald on the other side.
  • Russell Wilson protects the ball and doesn’t turn it over. Wilson turned the ball over four times against the Bills (two interceptions and two fumbles). Russell Wilson is known for his ability to create plays by moving around, but he can also make some bad decisions if the pressure is getting to him too quickly. Russell Wilson simply needs to play smarter and protect the ball better.
  • The Seahawks get Chris Carson back from injury. They need Chris Carson and they need to give him the ball early and often in this game. One way to help the offensive line, is to be physical and run the ball. Chris Carson sets the tone for the Seahawks offense and they need to get a running game going to supplement the passing game. Chris Carson is a difference maker and you could tell the offense missed him against the Bills.

The Rams will win if:

  • Aaron Donald and the Rams defense causes havoc and applies pressure on Russell Wilson, in order for Wilson to commit turnovers. If Wilson has time to throw the deep ball that he is one of the best at, then the Seahawks offense will be impossible to stop. Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf are two of the best receivers in the game. It is a given that the Rams defense will give up some yards and points, but the key is to limit and make Russell Wilson uncomfortable.
  • Jared Goff throws for 300+ yards. The Seahawks defense has given up the most passing yards in NFL history, so the Rams will need to attack the Seahawks defense through the air. Goff could easily throw 400 yards in this game, with how bad the Seahawks defense has been.
  • The Rams win the turnover battle. They have a -2 turnover ratio this season. With how bad the Seahawks defense has been, they’ve been surprisingly good at creating turnovers this season. This will be a critical stat to watch and the Rams can’t afford to fall behind in this game.
  • They win the time of possession battle. This probably doesn’t seem like something that should be pointed out but in order to beat the Seahawks, the Rams need to take control of this game and limit the amount of time the Seahawks are on offense. If the Rams offense can wear down the Seahawks defense and are able to stay out on field, then the Rams have an opportunity to score a lot of points in this game. This will put pressure on the Seahawks offense and make them play catch-up. If they can do that then the Rams can beat the Seahawks.

This should be a great game between two division rivals who are both in the playoffs mix. A win for either team will be huge and could really affect the playoffs seeding down the road. Every division game is an important game for both teams.

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