What is wrong with the Seahawks Defense?

The Seattle Seahawks defense have been suspect and simply have not played well this season. At the beginning of the year, the Seahawks couldn’t pass rush. Now the past couple of weeks, they have been better at rushing the passer but now it seems like their secondary is unable to cover anybody.

So that raises the question, what is wrong with the Seahawks defense?

Some reporters and fans believe the problem is Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Some have gone as far as suggesting the Seahawks need to fire Ken Norton Jr. and replace him. But who do you replace him with?

Dan Quinn? His Atlanta defenses have not been impressive the last couple of years. Not sure if he is the answer to all of the issues the Seahawks have on defense.

Another potential replacement could be Wade Phillips.

Wade Phillips is known for his 3-4 defense and yes he is a really good defensive coach, but do you think it would be smart and realistic for the Seahawks to change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense mid-season? Plus, players that are accustomed to the Seahawks defense (Bobby Wagner & KJ Wright) might have a learning curve. They would have to learn Phillips’s scheme and terminology on the fly.

I think if the Seahawks replace Ken Norton Jr. mid-season, they are probably going to go with a coach who knows the Seahawks current defensive scheme well. But if scheme is the issue, does it make sense to replace Norton with someone who is going to run a similar defense and scheme? I don’t think so. I am certain based on how Pete Carroll has been answering the media’s questions, the Seahawks will stick with Ken Norton Jr. and hope the defense gets better. Do I think Ken Norton Jr. will be replaced this off-season? Yes, I think it is very likely that he does get replaced this off-season and that would open up a lot of options for the Seahawks to consider going into the 2021 season.

Now we will shift to what Pete Carroll had to say today on this topic. Pete Carroll had a different theory on what the issue has been with the Seahawks defense. He simply alluded to, that it is not a coaching problem. It’s players not executing the scheme or game plan well. The interesting fact is, it seems like every week Pete Carroll informs the media the defense will get better and for whatever reason they do not. Pete Carroll has even gone as far as to say, he has made some calls and it has backfired. Obviously, he’s probably taking on the blame and covering for Ken Norton Jr. who seems to be getting all of the heat as of late.

This Sunday the Seahawks will travel to Los Angeles to play the Rams. We will see if the Seahawks defense will be the improved version that Pete Carroll keeps promising week in and week out, or if we will have the same storyline next week.


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