Seattle Seahawks @ Buffalo Bills Preview

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks (6-1) will be visiting the Buffalo Bills (6-2) this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Both teams currently are in first place in their respective divisions. We should expect a very close game between the two playoff caliber teams. There’s a lot things to watch for in this game. We will dive into 3 keys to this game.

The first key to the game: Can the Bills defense slow down the high scoring (34.3 Points Per Game – 1st in the league) Seahawks offense? As of late, the Bills defense have struggled against the run (ranked 26th in the league in rushing yards allowed). They have allowed 100+ rushing yards per game in the past 3 games. The Bills have been better against the pass (ranked 11th in the league in passing yards allowed). Luckily for the Bills, Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde have been ruled out for Sunday’s game. This game will come down to the strengths for both teams (Seahawks passing offense vs. Bills passing defense). The Bills will have their work cut out for them. It won’t be an easy task to completely shutdown the Seahawks passing attack, which includes Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf, and Tyler Lockett. Just ask the 49ers and Cardinals.

The second key to this game: Can the Seahawks defense apply pressure and get after Josh Allen? The Seahawks have struggled rushing the Quarterback this season. This prompted them to go trade for former Bengals Carlos Dunlap, whom should be active this Sunday. They have also signed free agent (former Giants and Lions) Damon Harrison (Snacks). It is not clear yet if Snacks will be elevated from practice squad this week. He has had to get back into playing shape and sounds like he has done that, and is ready to go if the Seahawks can find an open roster spot for him. Also, the Seahawks have been without Jamaal Adams the past month, due to a groin injury. Adams is expected to play this Sunday and should provide a boost to the Seahawks struggling defense.

The last key to this game: Who can win the turnover battle? This game may come down to the wire and the team that can win the turnover battle may be the difference between winning and losing. The Seahawks defense have been great at getting turnovers despite their struggles. They are 3rd in league in creating turnovers. The Seahawks defense have 9 interceptions and 5 recovered fumbles so far this season. Their turnover difference is +7 through 7 games. The Bills defense are 17th in league in creating turnovers. That puts them right there in the middle of the pack, which means they haven’t been that good at taking away the ball. They are at -1 turnover differential through 8 games. The Bills defense have 4 interceptions and 6 recovered fumbles. The Bills offense have given up the ball 11 times compared to the defense taking away the ball 10 times. As we all know, you don’t win games if you don’t win the turnover battle.

Overall, this game should be a high scoring affair that will more than likely come down to the wire. We will see which team can make enough plays to win this game. This should be a fun game to watch on Sunday.


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